At the end, I became them, and I led them after all none of us really qualified as humans. We were just hard-worn, automatic, and as hollow as the “o” in god, I reattached my emotions; cellular, narcotic. From the top of Hollywood it looked like space, millions of capsules and mechanical animals, a city filled with dead stars and a girl I called Coma White

This is my Omēga.

Anonymous: Best friends/people you're closest with from tumblr and why? You talk to lots it's confusing 


forever-fighting27 and tornattheseams get very special mentions for being the only ones to really make me smile and hate myself a little less lately.
clitwizard veronikab jennaraaawrxoxx and roadto130  also have helped with this.
bethebeastwithin getallthegains and im-madeof-saltn-sand are awesome.
bananasandkale and therealbarbielifts are just bad asses.

insaiyan-dragonslayer captainjaymerica engineeringofjose swolizard liftstuffup joeythemightiestdisciple are all my boys and you don’t turn your back on your boys…

Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone, these are the ones that spring to mind though.


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lady gaga could make metal screamo music n i would still be like “yaaas slay queen of metal! when will your fave?”

Anonymous: Your so pretty. I can't wait till you post nudes 

and on that day, all of the people in all of the lands rejoiced for a blessing had been gifted upon them

thanks tho :3

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We’re gonna get that show back on the air, buddy.

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